A Place To Call Home

At Studio Tumo, we have over 30 years of combined experience in interior designing, construction, and project management. We appreciate the value of family, dedication, and communication with clients. The uniqueness of each job is a result of listening to our client, observing the details in their everyday work and life, taking into account budget and schedule – incorporating all this into a finished environment that exudes the client.


There's so much to love

Here's three reasons you'll love working with Studio Tumo.

Flat-rate pricing

We believe in saving our clients as much money on their projects as possible. One way we accomplish this is offering something that other design firms don't. Flat-rate pricing. Know exactly what you're paying for.

Over 500 partners

We have over 500 partnerships. What this means is we have the ability to source your project for a lower price than most, or even on your own. Our partnerships allow us to stay below our clients budgets.

We love our clients

We value every one of our clients and believe that reliable service is what drives our philosophy. We treat our clients like family, as a result - we deliver quality service and products, and we love doing it.

A small portion of what we do